About Amanda

A London native, I arrived in Los Angeles in 1986 to pursue acting, and immediately met my future husband, Corbin. Together we discovered a mutual passion for life and the importance of our environment and thus embarked on a beautiful journey together, raising 4 boys and moving like nomads from home to home. My decision to switch from acting in order to be around my children, not only allowed me to discover my passion for interior design, but that I also possessed a keen eye for detail and a talent for decorating.  This passion has led to an extensive furniture collection, the honor of hosting an architectural design show, all while buying, renovating and selling homes each step of the way.


I believe a home is the reflection of those who inhabit it, and i have tried to live by my basic principles of 'Recycle, Restore and Reuse' wherever possible.

I am currently working on my first coffee table lifestyle book, Open House, in book stores on August 8, 2017 from Gibbs Smith.